This is What Radicalization Looks Like

Thursday, Nov. 17, was a day of protest, civil disobedience and unity. I’m proud to have participated in the day’s events in New York City and this video captures the dynamism, defiance and radicalization of the Occupy movement.

Though I’m not familiar with the videographer of this excellent 7-minute clip, he does a great job showing many of the highlights of the day — resistance to repression, optimism, a cultural reawakening, youth and numbers.

Several friends of mine are in this video, and I’m in the large socialist contingent carrying signs seen pushing aside metal barricades and pulling back a protester from police.

Though I’m a hopemonger myself, I love the sign one young protester carried on the Brooklyn Bridge, shown in the clip: “I’m tired of being cynical.” It speaks to a new generation of budding rebels. This video is a great antidote to any notion that Occupy is a flash in the pan. It’s transforming U.S. politics, movement strategy and the participants themselves. Happy Thanksgiving!


2 responses to “This is What Radicalization Looks Like

  1. Jan-ee Tarvestad

    We need to enlist greater numbers. We can’t compete with N.Y. in terms of numbers until our neighbors, friends, co-workers, congregationers, and your average Joe on the street joins us. Then we will show that we are the 99%. We need to foster love and understanding and not use words and actions that hurt or humiliate others.

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