Gone Occupyin’

I’ve got exactly 6 half-written blog posts now. Trouble with trying to write political commentary while you’re speaking at public forums and squares and in near-daily meetings, marches, leafletings and meetings about marches and leafletings (while working a full-time job) is that you either live the movement or write about it. Call me crude — you won’t be the first — but if I have to choose, I’d rather live the movement right now.

I was supposed to have been laid off weeks ago from my copyediting job at The Corporation. Evidently, the final indignity they have in mind for me is to have me work each day during the biggest social movement (and economic depression) of my life, never knowing which day will be my last.

After a while, the anxiety of losing your job just gives way to greater contempt for the people who hold your rent in their hands. Thus fueling the urgency to return to Occupy Wall Street as frequently as possible because it is the one truly humane space of nonstop political debate and activity.

Aside from the social and economic change that is being organized there each day, these Commons are truly therapeutic. Fighting foreclosures (and winning some battles!), organizing to stop deportations, battling racist police practices and just debating political questions with thousands of activists  is about as cathartic a thing anyone with a social conscience can do. Please, don’t take my word for it, come on down and see for yourself.

Ever since the tents started popping up, Liberty Square resembles a K2 basecamp meets fuck the Man. Since we’ve outgrown the space, many meetings take place in a public atrium at 60 Wall Street, a warm space swarming with cops, diagonally across from the scene of the crime, if you will, the Stock Exchange.

The fact that hundreds of protesters peacefully meet and strategize in there each day gives further lie to all the claptrap about how Wall Street must be barricaded from the scrofulous masses. In fact, dismiss out of hand about 86% of what you read or hear from any corporate media. For genuine updates on what’s happening, go to Occupy Wall Street and for some of the best news analysis of the movement from around the country, read Socialist Worker.

If you want to participate in an excellent gathering of leftists discussing questions such as Can There be a Revolution in the U.S. or Black Liberation and Socialism, then come on over to Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall this Saturday, Nov.5, from 10:30-9PM, where there’s an NYC area Marxism Conference. I’ll be speaking at 4PM on Can the Working Class Liberate the Oppressed. Hundreds are already preregistered (only $5-$10), there’s free child care for those who call ahead and hundreds of books will be on sale at discount rates from Haymarket Books. Other cities are having their own this weekend and next (I’ll be speaking at Boston’s next weekend), check out all details here.

Also, I’ll be giving a teach-in on the Communist Manifesto next Thurs, Nov. 10, 6:30PM, at Occupy Wall Street. Come discuss and ask questions about a document read as widely as the Bible, but not yet used by Republicans to justify denying women abortion rights.

See you on the streets and in the meetings!


One response to “Gone Occupyin’

  1. “It is more pleasant and useful to go through the ‘experience of revolution’ than to write about it.” Lenin

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