Stop Reading Blogs, Pick up a Book!

It’s summer, I have a research/writing project on my agenda for the ISR and I desperately need to take a bit of time to kayak when I’m not trying to avoid getting laid off—even news junkies and politicoholics need to press the reset button at times.

By all means, check out this excellent exposé on Rupert Murdoch, who scratched his way up from his  modest origins as a millionaire to become a maniacal, sexist, racist, imperialist billionaire. See? Capitalism is full of opportunities for advancement! The Monster Behind the Media Empire.

See you back here in a couple of weeks!-Sherry


3 responses to “Stop Reading Blogs, Pick up a Book!

  1. “modest origins as a millionaire” – what a hoot! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Pick up a Book – Yeah! I like the concept! lol Thanks. Good luck with all your work, Sherry – you have so much to offer!

  3. David McInerney

    His daddy gave him the afternoon tabloid here in Adelaide – The News – as something to play business with back when he started. He then bought the morning broadsheet – The Advertiser – and eventually merged them so that Adelaide has one daily newspaper, which is how it has been for the last 20 years. All Murdoch, every day! Needless to say the whole News of the World saga isn’t getting much coverage in the newspaper (singular) here in Adelaide. We have more reason to hate this guy than most, phone tapees excluded, of course.

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