Off the Grid

Am heading off the grid for the long weekend, be back next week! For those who’d like to check out the full schedule for the Socialism 2011: Revolution in the Air conference that is an absolute MUST ATTEND for all radicals—newbies and vets alike—go to


One response to “Off the Grid

  1. Re: sexualization of female athletes: I agree with you that forcing women to “sex it up” is not playing by the rules, especially since they were not consulted in the first place. Our society allows women to dress somewhat sexy or not as they choose. But it must be her choice and not an imposition upon her. If an individual athlete wishes to do so, I am not against it within reason. It cannot detract from the athleticism of the athlete, and should not make the sporting event a joke or an insult. To define what I mean, Venus Williams’ recent sexy get ups took things a bit too far. She is too good an athlete to have to flaunt her body in a manner which definitely distracted the attention away from the competition itself.

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