Teachers to Corporate America: Listen Up!

Big money and big names got behind the teacher-bashing film Waiting for Superman, which demonizes teachers’ unions and promotes private charter schools. In response, teacher militants in NYC made a film exposing the film’s lies—The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman.

Many of the teacher activists who made the film played a significant role in the successful protests and organized resistance to NYC schools chancellor Cathie Black—the corporate tool pal of billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg. Black is now safely ensconced in her duplex penthouse after being fired for incompetence and inspiring deep hatred from those New Yorkers not raised as equestrians in segregated country clubs.

Please watch this quickie preview clip promoting the Grassroots Education Movement’s new film. You can join Harlem teacher, filmmaker and hilarious Marxist actor Brian Jones at the screening of the full movie on May 16 at Riverside Church in NYC.

For an excellent weekend of political debate, discussion and entertainment among 1,500+ socialists, don’t miss Socialism 2011: Revolution in the Air.


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