Thank God It’s Monday?

As a philosopher pal of mine once wrote, there’s a good reason nobody’s launched a restaurant chain called “Thank God It’s Monday.”

Aside from the fact that it’s a rainy, cold, gray start to spring here in New York City—and I’m back in my drab brown office cubicle after a much-needed week off—the world’s gotten a bit grimmer since my last post (no causal connection, I assure you).

The U.S. managed to enter a new war under the guise of humanitarianism, thousands are dead from Japan’s quake and tsunami and the world is gripped, yet again, with fears of nuclear meltdown. I await news of my friends in Zimbabwe whose trial for treason, punishable by death, began today.

I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but things are just not looking good.

This is just a brief note to let readers know I haven’t fallen into a black hole and will be back with a new piece in a couple of days after I speak Tuesday, March 22, at University of Pennsylvania’s LGBT Center, 7PM, 3907 Spruce St.

For some reason students there have decided to allow me to riff on whatever I’d like to discuss, so I suspect tomorrow evening’s event—free and open to the public—will be a wide-ranging talk on everything from why the U.S. military doesn’t have a humanitarian division to how we can fight for sexual liberation for all. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, please come join me and feel free to bring your thoughts and your friends.

[And I promise not to repeat my mom’s joke about the first prize is a week in Philly and second prize is two weeks in Philly.]


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