Please Call: Stop Wealthy Bigots in NYC

The LGBT Center in NYC is getting a flood of calls from right-wing Zionists who  are slandering the Israeli Apartheid Week event there on March 5 as “anti-Semitic.” They are threatening to boycott and defund the Center, which has been an extraordinary space for free speech and democracy for decades.

I am writing a statement for activists to sign on to and circulate now, but all the calls right now are coming from hard-core Zionists. Please take a moment to call the Executive Director, Glennda Testone 212-620-7310 x419,  and ask her to keep the Center as a free and open space for all and not cave to wealthy supporters of Israeli apartheid. Here’s the Zionists’ press release:

Thank you,
Sherry Wolf, author Sexuality and Socialism; International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network


6 responses to “Please Call: Stop Wealthy Bigots in NYC

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  2. Jose Lopes Bejarano

    Thanks i used this information to denounce you and your hateful network. In your honour i will donate more to the center and will make my mission to keep this kind of programing out!

  3. Israel is “apartheid” in the same way that President Obama is “socialist.” That is to say, Israel is not apartheid and Obama is not socialist, but both have political enemies who use those labels, inaccurately, against them. And, in both cases, it takes people of a particular narrow-minded bias to slap the inaccurate label on one or the other.

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  5. Sherry,

    As a gay Palestinian I believe that lately your focus is misguided. After being abused by my family due to my sexual orientation and a fear for my life I was given asylum in Israel last year.

    Why do you and your organization ignore the abuse, threats and intimidation that the gay community endures at the hands of the Palestinian leaders. Why are you ignoring the plight of the gay community in countries where the punishment of death still applies if you are a homosexual.

    Please change focus and help.


  6. Yeah, I got lots lots of bigots calling me richard. And looking for more.

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