The “American Street” to Egypt: Solidarity

Thank you, people of Egypt—Shukran—for showing the humanity and bravery we all aspire to and that you most definitely embody.

Saturday afternoon, January 29, 2011, in cities across the United States, thousands rallied to show their solidarity with the uprising in Egypt and to also voice opposition to any military or diplomatic interference from the Obama administration. Students at universities are already initiating more solidarity actions on campuses this week, and all eyes remain fixed on the revolution in Egypt.

Below is a brief video of interviews I did with protesters outside the United Nations in NYC, where more than 2,000 people turned out. Special thanks to Noel Benford for filming and editing this piece.

Sherry Wolf—Public Speaker, Writer and Activist—is author of  Sexuality and Socialism, associate editor of the ISR and writes for She lives in Brooklyn, NY.


2 responses to “The “American Street” to Egypt: Solidarity

  1. Sherry,

    — the Sat UN video: eloquent and important. My thanks. I will see you at the next IJAN NYC meeting.
    Jon Liebowitz
    ny, ny 10065

  2. Great stuff! Just of note: the lower 3rd on the video says and that’s not actually a URL that the ISO has registered. The ISO in NYC probably should buy it up and have it forward people to the existing site.

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