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Tens of thousands of you have actually meandered over to this site since its inception in early September 2010—either because you like to rant at opinionated socialists or because you think you actually glean something of value out of my frequent postings. Whichever category you fall into—a fan of SherryTalksBack or a fan of griping about STB—I have a bit of news.

Because I started the blog while working full time as a public speaker, writer and activist, there was plenty of time for me to write. But since then I’ve had to bow to the exigencies of paying the landlord, grocer and MTA, that is, I was forced to get a job working for The Man.  As a result, I now have considerably less time for blogging.

So here’s my plan for coming weeks.

I want to continue writing wry, polemical pieces for the blog, but can’t possibly keep up this pace and have the postings be up to snuff. So in order to write politically useful and interesting pieces I’ve decided to post less frequently. Please don’t ask me how frequently because I haven’t quite worked out the kinks yet.

The intrepid left-wing site, Truthout, is launching a new online venture with editorial pieces and they’ve asked me to contribute as a featured blogger once in a while, so don’t worry (or for my gripers, keep worrying), SherryTalksBack is not about to go silent any time soon.

I’d rather post quality over crap and treat the blog like a fine scotch that’s best savored in moderation—unless it’s dreary outside, ice covers the sidewalk and the F train is packed with bickering passengers (like today), in which case overindulgence is perfectly acceptable.

In addition, I aim to tackle some more in-depth articles for the magazine I help produce, the International Socialist Review, for which I’ve only written reviews lately, but am feeling the need to take on a bigger writing project in the coming weeks.

To be frank, I’m a bit startled that this blog has been received as well as it has given that I started it on a lark one day sitting in the magnificent reading room of the New York Public Library on 42nd St. and I still have no clue how to promote a blog. Dumb luck has actually played an extraordinary role in my life.

Check back here at the end of the week for a new post, and in the meanwhile if you’re not yet a regular reader of, you’ll kick yourself for  missing out on the best left-wing news analysis 5 days a week. Don’t kick yourself, just read it.

In struggle-Sherry



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  1. We are glad to hear from you whenever we can. In Solidarity,

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