Dear Obama: Letter From Louisiana

Dear President Obama:

Your Mr. Smooth routine, like the one you pulled Friday night on Barbara Walters, isn’t working. Hopefully those stitches from the b-ball thwacking will humble you, but my suggestion is iksnay the suave large-and-in-charge persona. It’s a tired act and just confirms how removed from reality you and Michelle really are.

I’m writing after my Thanksgiving feast at the household of a solidly working-class, college-educated, liberal-leaning Black family in small-town Louisiana. By anyone’s account, next to the phrase “Obama’s base” in the political dictionary would be a photo of my girlfriend’s family, the lovely folks who fried a turkey and cooked up yummy greens and sweet potatoes for our holiday table.

The patriarch of the clan, who’s retired on a union pension, arranges his dinner hour around watching Rachel Maddow. His wife is a hospital administrator and their 23-year-old daughter, a former Southern University cheerleader, is living in Houston as a physical therapist. His three middle-aged daughters all went to prestigious schools and have solid careers, though one has recently joined the ranks of the unemployed, moved in with her folks and subs at the local elementary school a few days a week for $65 a day.

Of the family around the table, almost all had donated to your 2008 campaign. A couple of them admitted to not voting for the first time in their adult lives this past midterm election.

Extended family stopped by, as family members do over the holidays, and they enthusiastically agreed that your reaching over the aisle to collaborate with the right-wing rabble who scorn you as a “Kenyan anti-colonialist” is maddening. Your utter lack of, and even indifference toward, a mass jobs program to put folks to work is baffling to them.

Since the poultry plant and paper mill shuttered in the last two years, this town has lost 1,300 jobs in a community of 13,000. Folks in town are exasperated and even a bit disgusted.

I went to the local Wal-Mart on Black Friday afternoon to return a PC laptop my girlfriend’s stepmom purchased around 5 am that morning for $298 (don’t ask). Despite the TV frenzy of ads and deals, deals, deals!, the massive Supercenter was a ghost town.

Get off your high horse, President Obama. These folks don’t want to hear you chortle about how you notice Michelle’s new dresses and that you can’t be bothered giving any thought to Sarah Palin. They certainly do!

People are scared and  the world has never seemed more precarious. They want you to cut the crap and fight.

And get this, Mr. President, not one person raised a critical eyebrow at the political arguments that this Jewish lesbian socialist raised. The notion of building a left alternative to the Dems may not be on their immediate agenda, I understand, but it certainly isn’t beyond the pale either.


Sherry Wolf

6 responses to “Dear Obama: Letter From Louisiana

  1. Can you send that letter to Obama EVERY day of the holiday season? It would be interesting to see how many letters like this we could send him every day. Thank You.

  2. I hope there was a reason, other than disagreement with my ideas, that my comment earlier today was not published. If you don’t want to publish my comments, I’ll unsubscribe and go away. Thanks!

    • Jeff-Have been in an office all day and not able to monitor the blog. I don’t see any other comment other than this one from you though, please feel free to send again. I post all comments that are not racist or nasty in that way. Solidarity-Sherry

      • Thanks, Sherry. I think the comment may have gone to the “spam” bin because it had three embedded URLs in it. One for a book excerpt of Chris Hedges’ book, The Death of the Liberal Class, that appeared on TruthDig, one for an article by Michael Ventura, and another one that gave information about an upcoming war protest in which Chris will appear. Hedges calls the class in question the Liberal Class and Ventura calls them the Professional Tier. A search engine inquiry on the terms + author will return links to read the articles. I think both articles are interesting reading – it is time we stopped looking to “saviours” to make things better. It isn’t going to get better and there is no use in poking a stick in the eye of the monster, either. The monster has far more fire power and repressive methods to deal with dissent than any protest group can combat. We have to come up with a different solution – begging Obama to change isn’t going to work – he’s just a tool of the corporate class. How much money did Goldman Sachs give him during his campaign???

  3. I love you Sherry. We all know what needs to be done the question is will Obama learn how to do it. The fact is he is trumatized by force of the gOP’s resistance. If he had spent more time around black folks or Jews he wouldn’t be. Now can he pick himself up and fight.I don’t know it’s takem him a long time to understand he’s in one.

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