Arundhati Roy to Obama

I’m taking a mental exhaustion day off from my usual blog schedule, but wanted to repost a piece that smacked me in the face on yesterday’s morning commute. For anyone unfamiliar with the Indian leftist and prize-winning author, Arundhati Roy, you must read her New York Times Op-Ed piece that appeared yesterday, “Kashmir’s Fruits of Discord.” If you’re already a fan, then you will be reminded of why she makes chills go down your back.

I know what some of you are thinking: why read about some obscure place far away that seems to be in an interminable conflict that you long ago gave up on trying to comprehend.

If you want to have a piece of the puzzle about what Obama’s up to in India this week and understand some of what shapes our government’s policy in South Asia, read this. Suspend judgment for a moment, click on this link and allow yourself to absorb the impact of nationalism that our own government—as always—has a hand in stoking and promoting.

The Indian government is threatening to arrest and imprison Arundhati for the opinions she expresses here: Kashmir’s Fruits of Discord.

See details and/or buy her latest book, Field Notes on Democracy: Listening to Grasshoppers.

6 responses to “Arundhati Roy to Obama

  1. Thanks for drawing our attention to this link.
    Ms Roy is an intellectual with no affiliation to any political party, religion, etc. That’s the chief reason for her being shunned by groups with vested interests in India particularly. Hers is a voice that’s too sane for the world of people with too many vested interests.

  2. You are asking your readers to suspend judgment…perhaps you yourself have….As for myself, I am not afraid to be a nationalist…an Indian nationalist. It is a great nation with great ideals…though I do agree it is far from being perfect.

  3. She did a great interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! last wk. Don’t go away while I look for the link. Got it:

    Keep on truckin’.


  4. Arundhati was awful when she spoke in Delhi in support of Kashmiri Talibans. Her speech lacked facts and relied heavily on rhetoric to conjure up injustice. Arundhati uses every opportunity to decry India and now has identified herself with Anti India Kashmiri Taliban. She also made calls to openly support attack on Indian government and support for Taliban sponsored activities. That will be the reason for arrest warrant on her. Though a warrant has not been issued by executive Courts may mandate her arrest as what she did was akin to asking Americans to defy the pledge of allegiance!!!
    Before suspending your judgement remember Arundhati is tugging the coattails of proclaimed Taliban sympathizers and Terrorist organizations and espousing human rights for them.
    If you want to know why Arundhati is wrong read counter argument on her essay here.

    • There isn’t a jot of your opinion that I can agree with here. I stand with Arundhati and am in full solidarity with all those fighting oppression and occupation, including the people of Kashmir. -Sherry

  5. Sherry,
    Before you make up your mind on Arundhati. Read this
    It has links to another heart rending story Arundhati wrote on how Muslims are targeted in India. But you know what.. Arundhati had to offer an apology later because the prose she was writing was all fiction.
    Her new article too is full of fallacies. It is possible that she will again apologize.
    To give you an idea. I ask you a simple question. When LBJ ordered troops to be sent Alabama to enforce civil rights was he the oppressor or the whites who did not want equal rights for blacks were the oppressors.
    Kashmiri Pandits who were the real inhabitants of Kashmir are being subjected to worst form of torture by Talibans . Pakistan at the time of independence had 15% Hindus.. today it is down to 1%. Secular nature of India is constantly strained by Kashmiri Taliban and Indian forces are deployed to protect the minority Hindus who were historically present in Kashmir long before Muslim invaders forcefully converted Hindus.
    You may like Arundhati for her anti imperialistic rhetoric. But please realize that she keeps manufacturing misery to get the world fixed on her. Pathos you see in her articles rarely have factual backings. More than once she has apologized for making up stories. Hindus believe “Satyameva Jayate”. That means “Truth will prevail” . I will wait for the truth to unfold and have no ill will for you for listening to Arundhati.

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