Earth to Filthy Rich: Shut Up

Who exactly is the intended audience for the New York Times’ special Wealth Section? If you think that Tiger 21 is the name of the latest Mac Operating System, it’s safe to assume that it isn’t you.

Tiger 21’s 140 men and women (“almost 10 percent” are gals, the Times dutifully reports) whose combined wealth is $10 billion are apparently having a tough time finding discreet places to chat about how to invest and distribute their billions. In an act of sheer desperation, I suppose, they’ve turned to the newspaper of record to recount their woes about tax shelters, inheritance conundrums and the like.

This newly emerging oppressed minority of “high-net-worth individuals” has thankfully discovered that 4-star hotels have board rooms where they can meet and share investment tidbits without “feeling attacked.”

That is, of course, if they cannot find space in their luxury private jets outfitted with multiple bedrooms, lounges, dining rooms and movie theaters. The market is soaring in these models valued at $40 million to, well, the sky’s the limit really ($320 million, plus $100 for cabin conversion, naturally, is the highest price noted). These were the “hottest items at the National Business Aviation Association annual convention in Atlanta,” I’m told.

Excuse me. Earth to filthy rich (and the editors who think that this is news): there’s a fucking depression on and if you must shoot the shit about the self-absorbtion of the mind-blowingly wealthy, do it in tony joints made for useless parasites. That’s what they’re for!

In my experience, nobody looking for a job, desperately trying to hold onto a job or scrambling around actually doing a job wants to read about the trials and tribulations of the people who never look at pricetags because such triflings are for the little people.

The only folks who want to read about this crap, aside from the itsy-bitsy segment of the population who are filthy rich, are the vacuous strivers who are delusional enough to think that they too will one day own more stuff than any human being could or should ever use or need.

Given the fact that no national newspaper in the country has a regular Labor Section, for example, which would apply to roughly 70 percent of the U.S. population, can editors just stop it with these high-brow versions of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?

In ordinary times it’s just annoying. These days it’s crass.

If you’re in the NYC area, come out to protest the Fox News bigots and their hate speech tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 23 at 11 am Central Park South at 59th and 8th Ave. marching to their headquarters at 47th St. and 6th Ave.

My next speaking gig will be Saturday, Oct. 23, in Pittsburgh at 1PM in the Frick Fine Arts Building, Room 202, on Can the Working Class Unite, part of a three-part Socialism in Our Time conference.



5 responses to “Earth to Filthy Rich: Shut Up

  1. Boy, am I glad I can still pick up a model for only $40M! If I don’t buy now, the damn things might soon be out of reach!

  2. Perhaps it exists to provoke people into thinking the same things you are thinking…

  3. Actually, we stay in 5-star hotels. 4-star hotels are for poor people.

  4. Pingback: The Filthy Rich are the most self-absorbed of whiners.

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