Why Are There M16s Outside Macy’s?

I hadn’t owned a watch in years and when I saw Macy’s flagship store in Manhattan was having a sale I decided to endure the phalanx of perfume purveyors and doodad distributors on their ground floor in the interest of punctuality.

Fifty-three clams lighter, I popped out onto 34th Street and was practically beheaded by an upheld M16 machine gun toted by a Ninja Turtle suit that I assume had a human being somewhere inside. In all fairness, I know nothing about guns so for all I know it was a Kalashnikov or Uzi, but you get my point.

Why are there solders carrying high-powered weapons outside Macy’s—and, as I soon discovered, on many Midtown streets?

New Yorkers who have lived here since 9/11 seem to take the regular presence of soldiers with automatic weapons in public places in stride. Having moved away for some years, it is still shocking to me that this along with random searches of bags in subways—well, not so random if you’re Black or Brown—has become part of regular life under the “war on terror.”

I detest the militarization of Gotham and I don’t believe any of us are safer for it.

First of all, that guy who left his SUV with an unexploded bomb in it did so in the most patrolled area of the United States—Times Square—and yet he was only noticed by a civilian. Second, there are probably few things more potentially deadly on the packed streets of Midtown than a soldier firing off an automatic weapon. Third, for those who buy into the logic that this might deter a terrorist attack, I fail to see what those soldiers could have done to prevent 9/11.

None of this in my opinion makes Americans any safer. In fact, this steroid-infused security operation is about justifying the expense and continuance of wars and occupations around the world. What’s more, it plays into the fearmongering of bigots who want us to think that our Muslim and Arab neighbors may be harboring secret plans to do us in.

The same goes for those continual subway announcements about reporting suspicious people and unusual happenings. Should I turn in the impeccably coiffed guy in a stunning Italian suit sitting next to a homeless man in rags on the F train? What counts as suspicious and unusual?

Anyway, I don’t feel any safer. To be honest, these soldiers and announcements and cops riffling through Brown men’s bags make me feel downright agitated.

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5 responses to “Why Are There M16s Outside Macy’s?

  1. Having travelled far and wide, its been a general rule of mine that when you start seeing soldiers running around with guns, its time to look into moving away from that place, preferably to another country.

  2. After 20 years in the military I can say that I am more afraid of my own Government than any possible terrorist attack.

  3. Lol, this one got a bunch of laughs out of me.


  4. I wanna see pictures.

  5. The picture of Ninja Turtles outside Macy’s was believable enough as I view America through your mainstream media but soldiers with automatic weapons in midtown NY city? I don’t know why it never occurred to me before that that would be something your government would implement where and if it possibly could. See that’s supposed to make tourists feel safer but in my case I have just cancelled my travel plans thanks to you Sherry!!! lol 😦

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