“A Blueprint for Change”

If reading and discussing climate change leaves you rolled up in a ball in the corner, shaking and feeling as though our environmental nightmare is irreparable and that we are doomed, then you need to get your hands on Chris Williams’ Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis.

His writing is fluid, no-nonsense and politically astute. Non-scientists and non-wonks will find Ecology and Socialism blessedly readable and, dare I say, enjoyable. Williams even gave me hope that our kids—well, yours, I don’t have any—might live on a saner, better planet.

Please, don’t take my word for it, I used to be one of those people rolled into a ball. Here’s what people who study this stuff and know a thing or two about the science and economics of climate change have to say about Williams’ book:

“This book is more than essential reading—it is a powerful weapon in the fight to save our planet.” —Ian Angus, editor of climateandcapitalism.com

“Finally, a book that bridges the best of the scholarly and activist literatures in socialist ecology! Sophisticated and compelling, eschewing academic jargons ‘postmodern’ and otherwise, Ecology and Socialism more than competently champions a Marxist approach to environmental crisis and the kind of economic democracy needed to achieve an ecologically friendly system of production and human development.”—Paul Burkett, author of Marxism and Ecological Economics

“Ecology and Socialism is not merely about what’s wrong in the world where fossil fuels rule our lives. It also presents a blueprint for change…a cogent and accessible look at one of today’s pressing social issues through the…viewpoint of socialist activists and thinkers.” —Ron Jacobs for Dissident Voice

If you live in the New York metro area, catch one of these book tour events with Chris Williams:

TONIGHT: NYC book launch!—Brecht Forum , 7:30PM, 451 West St.

Wednesday, October 13 – 7:00p – Hunter College – 68th & Lexington – Thomas Hunter Building Rm 305b

Thursday, October 14 – 7:00p – City College of NY – 137th & Amsterdam – NAC Building Rm 1/211

Williams will speak with acclaimed Marx’s Ecology author, John Bellamy Foster, Sunday, October 24, 4PM at NYU’s Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Sq. South, Rm. 802

Sherry Wolf  is a public speaker, writer and activist who is available to speak on Sexuality and Socialism, How Can We Unite and Fight the Right and other topics at your campus, community center or union hall for a moderate fee. Wolf is the associate editor of theInternational Socialist Review and author of Sexuality and Socialism: History, Politics and Theory of LGBT Liberation(Haymarket Books, named one of theProgressive’s “Favorite Books of 2009”). Contact Sherry at: sherrywolf2000 at yahoo.com or find her on Facebook. Check out the video of Sherry speaking with Cleve Jones and the cast of Hair at the National Equality March.


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  1. My partner and I can’t find that will that 2009 posts. Could anyone give all of us this website link?

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