Socialists Attacked by Glenn Beck

And why exactly are we supposed to think that socialists who believe that the people who produce society’s wealth—workers—shouldn’t democratically control it? Ya know, as opposed to billionaire parasites. There’s something weirdly satisfying about being attacked by Glenn Beck. Respect from the enemy?

But with Obama’s FBI raiding the homes of solidarity activists under the pretext of “terrorism,” Becks’ attacks on socialists also feed into the witch-hunt. It’s a bizarre time when the presidential target of the right is aligned with the left who themselves are under attack by….the president! A bit chilling, frankly.

Watch and decide.

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8 responses to “Socialists Attacked by Glenn Beck

  1. Yeah, there’s something satisfying about seeing the ISO logo and phrases like “people not profits,” “the workers–the vast majority of the people” on Fox. It’s also a chilling reminder of the climate that we live in. Coming so soon after the FBI raids on socialists and other antiwar activists, which you’ve blogged about, I wonder where all this is headed. These people are so capable of whipping up new scapegoats for their witch-hunts–it’s quite incredible to see how quickly their sights shift, from immigrants to Muslims to socialists…. For progressives as a whole, I think this is a good lesson in the need for unity in the face of the right’s divisive politics in general, but also on the fact that McCarthyism is yet another form of divide-and-conquer that the other side uses.

  2. It’s a good week for the ISO. He even read from “where we stand!”

  3. I know that Madison Avenue thinks that all publicity is good publicity, but when the nation’s leading wingnut attacks the left in the context of the state willing to use repression to silence dissent we should pause and wonder who will be the beneficiary of these attacks?

  4. of course its been the Communist Party CPUSA and the Young Communist League YCL that have been in the direct firing line in the spectre of McCarthyism. Your article should maybe have made this clearer.

    • Since the CP and its offshoots have largely embraced the Democratic Party for decades they have reduced themselves from defenders of the indefensible in the former Soviet Union to defenders of the indefensible in Washington. A lateral move if ever there were one.

  5. “And why exactly are we supposed to think that socialists who believe that the people who produce society’s wealth—workers—shouldn’t democratically control it?”

    When Workers are the Owners – The Chinese Get-It!

    You want freedom or is it easier just to whine and bitch?
    Start your own business, if not by yourself join with friends.
    Who told you that you can NOT produce your own wealth?

    • It’s an interesting proposition—have 6 billion-plus people all owning businesses with no workers. Give it a whirl, best of luck!

      • Major Corporations have been bought out by the employees, it can be done, Risk? Yes Reward? Greater than the standard job.
        I was raised in abject poverty and started a business with a partner that grew from $100 initial investment to 12 mil. It can be done in any economic environment.
        My recent trip to China, families have businesses out of their garage every where. China is more entrepreneurial than the USA today, just that the individual there, cannot own land.

        Your misconception is that the owners do not work?
        I worked my first 3 years in my business at no pay, while holding another regular job.
        12-16 hour days 6 days a week.

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