Oy Vey, It’s International Day of Peace

I’ve never been a cynic since it strikes me as the pose of the disinterested—or just of those too well-fed or self-absorbed to bother.

So take this in the spirit from which it is meant. I loathe declarations of useless “holidays” such as today, September 21—called International Day of Peace by the United Nations since 1981, sponsored by Costa Rica. It must have been to commemorate U.S.-backed death squads ravaging Latin America throughout that decade.

While bombs drop on Afghanistan, everything in sight is privatized or destroyed by U.S. mercenaries in Iraq and the ultimate postmodern mind fuck—pilotless U.S. drones bomb Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia—the UN will ring a bell to commemorate this ode to hypocrisy.

As if to spit on all that is sacred, Hillary Clinton sits with Israeli murderers and their Arab collaborators in Jerusalem nattering about a “peace plan” within yards of Palestinians denied the most basic of human rights. The nightmares of Gaza and the West Bank aside, I wonder if Hillary is even aware—or cares—that in that very city a few weeks back an Arab was convicted of rape for having consensual sex with a Jew? Don’t take my word for it, read the Guardian piece yourself and tell me this isn’t madness.

But this is not a forum for griping. Well, that’s not exactly accurate, but it’s purposeful griping that aims to lead toward solutions or at least hopeful steps forward. So listen, if you’re in the NY metro area—or have friends here—skip TV tonight after work and come celebrate with activists, humanitarians and those drunk with hope for a better world, not through meaningless declarations of hypocrisy, but through activism and solidarity.

Come join me and others working to break the siege of Gaza at the Siege Busters Ball fundraiser for the US to Gaza boat trip at Littlefield’s in Brooklyn, 8PM-2AM. Click the Littlefield’s link for all details, you just need to be 18 or over, and yes, there’ll be booze for those over 21, great food and lots and lots of music and dancing with acts such as Existence is Resistance, Ryan Green and DJ Vega Benetton. Damn near every subway line in the city stops at nearby Atlantic Avenue—so don’t pull that bridge and tunnel crap excuse.

If we must have these Tinkerbell’s birthday type holidays, at least we can infuse them with meaning, music and community. Peace out.

Sherry Wolf  is a public speaker, writer and activist who is available to speak on Breaking the Siege of Gaza at your campus, community center or union hall for a moderate fee. Wolf is the associate editor of the International Socialist Review and author of Sexuality and Socialism: History, Politics and Theory of LGBT Liberation (Haymarket Books, named one of the Progressive’s “Favorite Books of 2009”). Contact Sherry at: sherrywolf2000 at yahoo.com or find her on Facebook. Check out the video of Sherry speaking with Cleve Jones and the cast of Hair at the National Equality March.


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